Why Us

Bail Busters has been operating as a full service bail bonds company in Southern California for 25 years. Enrique Ojeda comes from a real estate background and became a licensed bail bondsman in 1992 after having gained experience bailing out friends and acquaintances.

“When you are in jail, we got the bail and we don’t fail!”

- Enrique Ojeda

Phone Number: 310-BAIL-BON

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First Things To Know

It is very important to make the right decision when choosing a bail bonds company. The most important qualities in a bail bonds company is honesty, efficiency, kind, attentive to the client’s needs and feelings, and professionalism. That is why it is important to make sure you choose the right bail bonds company or it could lead to financial and emotional repercussions. When choosing a Southern California bail bonds company make sure that no hidden fees or extra charges are included such as,

Late File Premium (being charged twice):

When we bail you out if the DA does not press charges within 15 days and if after 15 days the D.A. decides to file charges. Bail Busters DOES NOT charge another bail premium to post a new bond on the case.

“Our bail bond is our bond.” -Enrique Ojeda

Reassumption of Liability Fee:

When a defendant fails to appear in court for any number of reasons a judge could possibly issue a bench warrant for the defendant’s arrest. A reassumption is a letter that the bail bonds company writes to the court stating that the bail bonds company is willing to allow the defendant to remain out on bail. Many bail bonds companies will charge an extra fee to allow you to stay out on bail, but Bail Busters DOES NOT. We always put our clients needs first and do whatever is in the best interest of our clients.

Annual Premium:

At times criminal cases can be ongoing and can continue for well over a year. Some bail agencies require you, the client, to pay the premium again for every year the case continues. Serious cases can continue for many years and can cost an individual and family thousands of dollars per year. Bail Busters NEVER charges annual premiums and the bail premium is a one time fee unless monthly payments have been arranged.

These are some reasons as to why Bail Busters is the most trusted and professional bail bonds company in Southern California.

Please call 310-BAIL-BON

We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week

Big Bonds

When you need a bail bonds company for a big bail(one million dollars or more) it is most important that you trust and have full understanding and knowledge of how the process will work. Bail Busters will guide you all the way through this process. Being that with a large bail comes a lot more security and assurance needed on the bail bonds company’s part it is important that you, the client, feel secure and have trust in your choice of the bondsman.

The amount of a bail depends on the type of crime. The bail amount will typically be higher if the defendant has previous arrests. The bail amount will also depend on the county the crime took place in as well as other circumstances. For example, Los Angeles County could set a bail amount for a certain crime higher than Orange County would for the same crime. The bail amount is set higher for more serious crimes because more jail time is likely in cases of a higher bail and more jail time can often increase the probability of a defendant fleeing before sentencing.

Not many people are able and have the resources to post a big bond. In order to post a big bond significant holdings must be used as collateral as well as some of the premium being paid upfront. Some pretrial proceedings can continue for well over a year and that is why it is important to choose the right bail bonds company. Some companies charge annual premiums and in cases with big bonds choosing a company that charges annual premiums can be a very large and expensive mistake. Bail Busters never charges annual premiums and we believe it would be unethical and unprincipled to charge payment twice or more on a bond for the same case.

For a defendant out on a big bail, depending on the collateral and the surety company, the surety and bail bonds company may require the defendant to wear a GPS monitoring device while out on bond.

Bail Busters has the easiest and faster underwriting abilities in the Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego, San Bernardino, Riverside and Ventura County bail industries.

When dealing with big bonds we offer the clients:

  • No Annual Premiums
  • Efficient Underwriting
  • Easy Financing With No Interest
  • Properties in the U.S can be used as collateral