Types of Bail Bonds

Domestic Violence Bail Bonds

Domestic violence encounters occur quite frequently in Los Angeles and Orange County and most of the time police are called to the scene of a domestic encounter someone is going to be sent to jail, even if it was not a physical dispute. These arrests are so common because at times if one of the persons involved is harmed after the police have left the scene the injured person or party could potentially sue the city or county for failure to protect them.

For 25 years, Bail Busters has been assisting many families and individuals who have dealt with such an unfortunate and unknown situation. Our professional, honest service and years of experience of the Los Angeles and Orange County criminal justice system help us provide our customers with the best and most efficient service. If you, a friend, or a loved-one has been arrested for a domestic violence encounter in Los Angeles or Orange County please call us now at 310-BAIL-BON or 310-224-5266.

DUI Bail Bonds

Driving under the Influence(DUI), also known as Driving while Intoxicated(DWI) is a very serious crime in Los Angeles and Orange County. Such crimes carry severe sentences and punishments. The most common sentences for DUI offenses are community service, Alcoholics Anonymous(AA), suspending your driver's license, fees and fines,  and prison time. Sentencing for DUI type crimes can differ depending on prior offenses, if injuries occurred, Blood Alcohol, past DUI offenses, suspended license and many other components.

Bail Busters is the premier DUI bail bonds company in Los Angeles and Orange County, California. Call us 24 hours a day 7 days a week at 310-224-5266 or 949-261-1111.

1% Bail Bond

1%(down) bail bond rates in Los Angeles and Orange County-310-224-5266

Bail Busters is the top bail bonds company for offering convenient and accommodating payment plans to all of our customers when you do not have the full payment at the time of the bail. Our easy-financing and no interest charge makes the deal as easy as possible on the client and family and friends.

With serious crimes comes high bail amounts and most diligent families are not able to pay 8% or 10% of the high bail amount upfront, which is why we offer easy-financing and no interest charge as well as 1% down in certain cases where collateral applies.

In certain cases, a family or client can put 1% down and make payments over a period of time that in the end amount to the full premium. Bail Busters has been a full service bail bonds company for 25 years and one of our main priorities has always been to help the client and the client’s family as much as we possibly can. Please call 310-224-5266 today to see if a 1%(down) bail bond could be an option for you!

* 1% down bail bond means collateral is necessary in some form of property or reasonable asset.

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Bail Bond Rates

There are specific rates set for all bail bond companies in California including, Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, San Diego County, and Ventura County. Bail Busters implements the lowest rate possible and offers easy financing and no interest charges.

Standard 10% Rate:

  • 2% to 5% down with reasonable monthly payments*.
  • $30,000 bail amount or lower.

You could qualify for an 8% rate if you are a:

  • Senior Citizen-56 or older
  • Union Member-The defendant or co-signers
  • Military-Veteran or Active
  • Collateral-Property, car, cash, or jewelry

*conditions may apply

Bail Bond Co-Signing

At times bail bonds companies require the signature of someone other than the defendant. The person who co-signs on the bail bond is referred to as the co-signer or the indemnitor. When a person other than the defendant co-signs on the bond that individual takes FULL responsibility for the defendant and the full amount of the bond. By the indemnitor or co-signer co-signing on the bond that individual is guaranteeing that the defendant will appear at every assigned court date until the case is over. The co-signer is financially liable for the FULL 100% amount of the bond including possible court and recovery expenses not just the 10% fee needed to bail out. At times we as a bail bonds company for collateral through the co-signer we will take property, jewelry, stocks and bonds, cars, boats, yachts and other items of value.

If you as the indemnitor feel the defendant is a flight risk and will not show up in court it is the bail bondsman’s job to apprehend the defendant and surrender he or she back to the court or nearest jail. You, the indemnitor, will no longer be liable for the defendant, but fees may apply as long as the court approves which guarantees the defendant appeared before the judge.

Los Angeles Bail Schedule


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